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PMD Personal MicroDerm training
PMD Personal Microderm System gives you the results of a professional microdermabrasion treatment for a fraction of the cost in the convenience of your own home. It is a hand held, professional-grade microdermabrasion system that reveals younger looking skin using the same aluminum oxide crystals found in larger $3000 machines. You'll get the same glowing results without having to spend a fortune. Ideal for those with age spots, skin discolorations and other imperfections who want smooth, even-toned skin.

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Personal Microderm System  $179.00
Personal Microderm Replacement Tips - Blue (Sensitive) $15.00
Personal Microderm Replacement Tips - Green (Medium) $15.00
Personal Microderm Replacement Tips - Red (Coarse) $15.00

Personal Microderm Tool Kit


Personal Microderm System PMD Personal MicroDerm

All Skin Types

Smooth, Brighten, Revive Dull Skin

This hand-held device works just like a professional microdermabrasion treatment without the hassle or cost. It smoothes away dead skin cells diminishing age spots, skin discolorations, and scars. Personal Microderm System comes with two different sizes of disc attachments, offering two different grits for exfoliation. Vacuum action in the tool sucks the skin into the rotating disc bringing blood flow and collagen to the surface. Personal Microderm removes dead skin cells so that products can penetrate deeper into the skin and work more effectively.

• Brightens and revives dull skin.
• Softens fine lines on the forehead, cheeks and around the mouth.
• Smoothes and lightens skin discoloration.
• Minimizes enlarged pores.
• Polishes and smoothes scars (usually requires 10 initial treatments).

Personal Microderm System includes:
• 1 personal microderm
• 6 exfoliating discs (2 green and 4 blue) - recommended for 2-3 uses each
• 1 electric cord (Standard U.S. Outlet)
• 1 facial cap, 1 body cap, 1 reusable filter
• Instructional CD and pamphlet

• 90-day warranty

Personal Microderm - Before and After

Directions: Recommended for face, elbows, hands, feet, or wherever you have dry skin, age spots or fine lines and wrinkles.Treatments should only be done in 6 to 7 day intervals. May cause redness and swelling after treatment and these side effects can last anywhere from an hour to two days. The tips are recommended for 2-3 uses each. See instructional DVD and pamphlet for full instructions. View a treatment session.

Price: $179.00                  

Personal Microderm Replacement Tips


Personal Microderm Replacement Tips PMD Personal MicroDerm

A tip for every skin type

A set of replacement discs for Personal Microderm in Soft or Moderate Grit. Plastic with aluminum oxided coated tip. The tips are recommended for 2-3 uses each.

Please Note: Red Coarse Discs provide the highest level of exfoliation and are recommended for thick, congested skin.

Directions: Pull off the old tip and place on the new one.

Price: $15.00

Personal Microderm Replacement Tips Blue Tip (Sensitive)
2 Large discs, 4 Small discs
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Personal Microderm Replacement Tips

Green Tip (Medium)
2 Large discs, 4 Small discs

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Personal Microderm Replacement Tips Red Tip
2 Large discs, 4 Small discs
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