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Bremenn Research Labs  

From the beginning, Bremenn Research Labs has been about solving specific problems in specific areas of the body, rather than just creating yet another “wrinkle cream.” Bremenn’s first big hit was with Hylexin, the “Serious Dark Circles” cream developed specifically to reduce the appearance of serious under eye circles and puffiness under the eyes. Bremenn followed with specific, targeted solutions for droopy upper eyelids, wrinkled foreheads, and dark spots. If you’ve got a skincare problem, Bremenn Research Labs has the answer.

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Facial Spider Vein Formula (1 oz.) (reg. $79.00) $69.00


Facial Spider Vein Formula (1 oz.) Bremenn Research Labs

Reduces the appearance of facial spider veins in as little as two weeks!

Facial Spider Vein Formula wth Venilex contains targeted ingredients that visibly reduce the appearance of facial spider veins in as little as two weeks. Venilex is a compound containing a powerful complex of five plant extracts rich in saponosides, flavonoids combined with a specialized yeast extract. Twice daily use of the Facial Spider Vein Formula for two weeks showed a 34.8% decrease in the intensity of red and purple discolorations and a 20.7% decrease in the number of visible facial spider veins. Facial Spider Vein Formula can also be used to reduce redness surrounding blemishes.

Facial spider veins appear as very fine, visible blood vessels with radiating branches. They have a blue-black, purple or reddish appearance and occur mostly on the nose, cheeks and chin. Facial spider veins can be caused by inherited weakness of the valves, damage from sun exposure, chronic allergies (pressure involved in sneezing), pregnancy and inflammatory skin problems such as rosacea. They typically increase with age.

Directions: Apply to the clean, dry skin of the affected areas of the face twice a day. Use sparingly and massage in a circular motion until fully absorbed.

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