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Eye Therapy Patch (6 patches with case) Talika

All Skin Types

This ultimate eye-contour-repair product helps reduce under-eye wrinkles in 30 minutes! Its a great picker upper before that special event, or when you simply want to revive tired-looking eyes. Visible improvements have been observed by top dermatologists around the world. After just one use, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness are noticeably reduced. Each patch may be used up to three times. Includes case.

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Price: $67.00          

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Eye Decompress (9 tablets) Talika

Offers instant revitalization for tired eyes in the form of a small tablet. Just immerse this little gem in the blue solution and watch it transform into an eye mask that refreshes and smoothes puffy eyelids while soothing tired eyes. This state-of-the-art product is the perfect "picker-upper" after a hectic day at the office or a late night out. Includes 9 tablets.

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Price: $30.00          

Eye Dream (15 ml.) Talika

Anti-wrinkles. Anti-puffiness.

This regenerative overnight treatment for the eye area is loaded with peptides, active relaxing ingredients and Vitamin F. Eye Dream is a hydrating night treatment that helps the fragile skin around the eyes regenerate itself, night after night. After just one month of use, researchers observed a 146% increase in regeneration of the eye contour skin. Eye Dream also decongests, moisturizes and reduces crow’s feet and wrinkles. Apply nightly and leave on overnight. On awakening, puffiness is reduced and the eye contour is thoroughly moisturized and smoothed. One Eye Dream pump contains 30 applications.

Tests have shown up to a 40% reduction in average wrinkle depth and up to a 50% reduction in average wrinkle length after one month of use.

AS SEEN IN: Featured in Women's Health as the favorite morning must-have of the Today co-host, click here.

Directions: Apply nightly to cleansed skin. Leave on overnight and rinse off with water in the morning.

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Price: $57.00          



Eyelash Lipocils Conditioning Gel (10ml.) Talika

This 100% plant-based, transparent gel enriched with lecithin is the first product on the market clinically proven to stimulate eyelash growth. Tests have shown that it can make lashes from .5 to 2.5 mm longer in just one month! This degree of growth was seen in 88% of women who participated in clinical tests. Furthermore, Lipocils strengthens and conditions eyelashes, making them healthier and stronger. It is completely non-irritating and can be safely used by contact lens wearers.

Directions: For best results, use twice a day (morning and evening) during the first 28 days, then once a day. Apply directly to eyelashes and to the skin at the base of the lashes. You can then follow with your favorite mascara.


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Price: $44.00


Lipocils Expert (10 ml.) Talika

The Lash Treatment of a New Millenium

STAFF FAVORITE! A new and improved formulation of Talika Lipocils that offers 3 actions in 1 product: longer and thicker eyelashes, color darkening, and curling effect. Independent clinical studies show a clear improvement in the appearance of the lashes length (+36%), color (+50%), and curl (+50%). Does not contain synthetic fragrances or dyes. Safe - no side effects.

• Nettle - stimulates the eyelash growth
• Horsechestnut - strengthens the lashes and stimulates blood circulation
• Allantoin - hydrates lashes
• Soy lecithin - liposome delivery system
• Witch hazel and St. Johns wort - anti-inflammatory

AS SEEN IN: Featured in InStyle as Jennifer Aniston's favorite low maintenance beauty trick for longer, thicker lashes, click here.

Directions: Apply every morning and evening for 28 days, then reduce to once a day. Lipocils Expert has a double applicator made of a mascara brush and a sponge applicator. Use the sponge applicator to apply the product to the eyelids to penetrate at the root of the lashes and use the brush applicator to condition the lashes.

Warning: a slight irritation or sensation of irritation might occur if the product enters the eye. No side effect other than mild irritation have been noted. In case of irritation, rinse the eye and discontinue use of the product.

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Eyebrow Lipocils Conditioning Gel (10 ml.) Talika

This 100% plant-based, non-irritating eyebrow gel is the first treatment clinically proven to stimulate new eyebrow growth and strengthen existing eyebrow hairs. Clinical tests have shown that it can grow brows from 0.5 to 2.5 mm within one month. These results were noted in 90% of women participating the tests, with all 100% experiencing some measure of growth.

Directions: For best results, use twice a day, before makeup (morning and evening) during the first 28 days, then once a day. Apply directly to eyebrows and to the skin at the base of the eyebrows.


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Eyelash Conditioning Cream (.10 oz.) Talika

Originally developed by Dr. Roches during WWII to help treat eye injuries, this protein-enriched, petroleum-based cream was subsequently proven to help lashes grow longer and thicker. This cream also helps soften and condition dry, brittle eyelashes -- a common result of daily mascara application. Apply nightly with a mascara wand directly to the base of the eyelashes and wake up to softer, longer, thicker eyelashes. For best results, use the Eyelash Lipocils Conditioning Gel in the morning.

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Price: $32.00          


Lash Extender (0.04 oz.) Talika

With just a couple of strokes, these unique, natural-looking fibers thicken and lengthen your eyelashes to unheard of dimensions! Simply apply one coat of your favorite mascara, then apply Lash Extender to the lashes, and follow with a second coat of mascara. It's that easy. And that fast. You'll be batting those eyelashes in no time.

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Price: $30.00          

Eyebrow Extender (1.75 ml.)

Say goodbye to wimpy eyebrows! This transparent gel contains tiny, microscopic fibers that cling to the eyebrows, giving them a thicker, fuller appearance that lasts all day long. Eyebrow Extender is available in Light Brown, Dark Brown and Black.

AS SEEN IN: Featured in Shop Etc. as “the best tool to fill major holes and thicken brows without looking freakish, thanks to tiny fibers that look surprisingly like natural hairs.” Also featured in InStyle Makeover, click here.

Directions: Twist the base of the extender several times until the gel reaches 1 to 2 mm over the tip. Apply to cleansed eyebrows. Remove with water or make-up remover. Includes 50 applications.

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Price: $35.00

Light Brown
Dark Brown


Skin Retouch Eye Contour (7 applicators) Talika

Skin Retouch Eye Contour instantly plumps fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area, lifts the eye contour area and erases signs of fatigue, leaving you looking relaxed, refreshed and ready for any occasion. An exclusive polymer formula infused with Siberian ginseng helps lift and smooth the skin in just seconds, while marine collagen plumps fine lines and wrinkles.

Directions: Discard outer packaging. Snap off tip of the blue wand and insert the white wand into the blue wand. The swab tip will fill with active serum. Apply the serum around the eye contour rolling the tip from the inside corner of the eye towards the outside.Tap lightly with fingertips to aid absorption of product into skin. Can be applied over make-up. Effective for up to 8 hours. Tip: For best results, use powder or compact makeup foundation. If using liquid foundation, apply with a tapping motion rather than spreading the product.

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Skin Retouch Face-Hands-Neck (1 oz.) Talika

The secret to flawless skin in an instant

Skin Retouch Face-Hands-Neck instantly smoothes skin, erases fine lines, wrinkles and signs of dehydration, tightens pores, evens skin tone, diminishes redness and mattifies skin. It helps rejuvenate the skin on the face, neck and hands. It's an instant imperfection corrector that contains stretch texture technology and smart pigments to plump and smooth skin for up to 8 hours.

Directions: Apply to cleansed skin in the morning, or anytime during the day as a corrector. Please Note: Liquid foundation must be applied before Skin Retouch. Powders must be applied on top of Skin Retouch.

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Bust Serum (50 ml.) Talika

All Skin Types

Gain one cup size in 6 weeks!

Increased Volume: The breasts are composed of varying amounts of fatty tissue which gives them shape and volume. Thanks to the virtues of mukul bark extract that has been used for centuries in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Bust Serum fosters a targeted storage of triglycerides, thereby increasing breast volume. Tests have proved that 80% of women saw an increase of 2 to 4 cm (1 to 1 3/4 in) in 6 weeks.

18% Breast Lift: The breasts are attached to the thorax by ligaments (Cooper’s ligaments). With absolutely no muscle, their only support is the skin. Volume and weight variations erode skin elasticity, triggering a loss in curve and sagging.Thanks to the extract of kigelia africana, Bust Serum prevents the tissue from sagging and improves bust firmness and appearance. Clinical trials have shown +18% in breast lift.

Improved Firmness: The combination of kigelia africana, mukul bark extract, oat extract, peptides, raspberry seed oil from Chile and hyaluronic acid strengthens the skin’s binding and hence tonicity, thereby tangibly improving its elasticity by 70%.

Directions: Apply Bust Serum daily, morning or evening, to the base of the breasts and then massage in wide figure 8 movements from below the breast up to the neck line.

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Price: $49.00          


Anti-Aging Antioxidant Serum (1 oz.) Sophyto

All Skin Types

Reveal a healthy glow

Formulated for all skin types to help fight premature aging and protect against airborne pollutants to reveal a lustrous, healthy glow. The organic polyphenol compounds, AOX-5 Complex, selected for this ultra-light antioxidant serum are derived from organic olive leaf extract, organic apples, organic green and white tea and organic fermented red grapes. Daily use will help supplement natural antioxidant protection in the skin, while also providing long term benefits. Extremely gentle and non-irritating, safe for even the most delicate skin.

For optimum results, combine with your sunscreen to boost antioxidant protection. Also beneficial for inflamed, or sensitive skin following laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, chemotherapy, radiation and sun burn. Does not contain essential oils, or essential oil components. Has a soft aroma of apples and tea. 96% of this product contains agricultural ingredients that have been produced organically.

AS SEEN IN: Voted the "Best Anti-Aging Treatment" by ELLE Magazine's green stars in skincare.

Directions: Apply to clean skin each morning. Can be followed by Sophyto Multivitamin Facial Treatment and moisturizer. Include an evening application if you smoke, or are exposed to free radicals for an extended period of time.

Price: $49.00