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Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew
(1.7 oz.) DDF

Oily, Acne Prone Skin

A delicate, oil-free, all-purpose moisturizer with potent antioxidants in an aloe vera base. Helps retain and prevent moisture loss. It is quickly absorbed into the skin leaving no residue, just a soft silky-smooth feeling.

Price: $38.00


Clarifying Hydrator (1.7 oz.) DDF

Oily, Acne Prone Skin

A daily moisturizer that provides perfectly balanced light hydration for consistent skin clarity. Contains the potent Clarifying Neutralizing Complex, with oil-absorbing micronized particles, that minimizes the look of oil buildup on skin's surface to control the appearance of oily shine. Promotes balanced skin clarity.

Directions: Apply morning and/or night to clean, dry skin.

Price: $42.00          


Truth Creme Advanced Hydration (1.7 oz.) Ole Henriksen

All Skin Types, especially Mature Skin

This luxurious moisturizer is designed to brighten, firm and provide unparalleled hydration with the exclusive Advanced Hydration Complex. It is the perfect companion to the Truth Serum Collagen Booster for the ultimate in anti-aging and hydration. It deeply penetrates the skin, providing multi-level hydration to leave a youthful, radiant glow.

• Binds moisture to the skin with healthy fats, sunflower, macadamia and jojoba seed oils.
• Promotes moisture retention with bio-mimetic ceramides.
• Vitamin C supports healthy collagen, brightens and firms.
• Tripeptide-5 smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

Directions: Massage an even layer into face and neck after applying Truth Serum Collagen Booster morning and/or night.

Restrictions: US shipping only

Price: $45.00                  


Vitamin Plus (1.7 oz.) Ole Henriksen

Combination to Oily Skin

Packed with antioxidants, herbs and vitamins, this lightweight cream hydrates, protects and balances the skin. Helps control shine in the T-zone, leaving a clean, matte finish.

Restrictions: US shipping only

Price: $35.00          


Nurture Me (1.7 oz.) Ole Henriksen

Sensitive Skin

Formulated for skin prone to irritation or rashes, this calming cream helps soothe, protect and hydrate sensitive skin. Nourishing oils and vitamins protect the skin from environmental damage. Uniquely textured, this cream appears to melt into the skin.

Restrictions: US shipping only

Price: $40.00          

Skin Insulator with SPF15
(1.7 oz.) Ole Henriksen

Dry Skin

This incredibly hydrating emollient cream calms and soothes the skin while protecting it from the sun. Loaded with nourishing borage and grapeseed oil. Great for cold climates or those with extremely dry skin.

Restrictions: US shipping only

Price: $35.00          


Ultimate Moisturizing Repair (2 oz.) Agera

Dry, Mature Skin

A heavyweight moisturizing cream with ceramides that give skin resiliency, help firm the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It delivers Vitamin A, C, and E to repair free radical damage and prevent further damage while improving texture and tone. Also provides powerful moisturizers to keep skin nourished and hydrated. Prolifersyn, a new generation peptide, aids in maintaining collagen and elastin balance in mature skin. Can be applied morning and night.

Price: $80.00          

"Skinterra Best Seller"

Dew Cream (1.7 oz.) Dr. Jessica Wu Cosmeceuticals

All Skin Types

This intensely hydrating moisture treatment helps reverse visible signs of environmental damage. Loaded with hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its silky texture glides over the skin leaving a smooth, dewy finish. Best applied morning and night.

Price: $125.00          


Glam Balm Multi (1.35 oz.) Rodial

All Skin Types

Super-hydrating | Super-soothing | Super-plumping

Glam Balm MULTI is an intensive anti-aging multi-purpose balm. It nourishes, refines wrinkles and increases collagen production. 3D hyaluronic filling spheres instantly hydrate to smooth skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while calendula, shea butter and Vitamin E soothe and restore moisture to promote elasticity. Highly recommended for frequent travelers.

• Restores moisture to extremely dehydrated skin
• Calms sensitive skin or skin irritated from cosmetic procedures
• Heals dry skin and minor irritations

Directions: Apply a thin layer on dry skin. Can be used as an evening facial treatment, during the day as a quick fix, or as a pre- and post-flight moisture mask.

Price: $49.00                 


Glam Balm Hand (1.7 oz.) Rodial

All Skin Types

Glam Balm HAND is an innovative hand cream that gently repairs, protects and moisturizes skin. Olive leaf extract & Vitamin C correct sun damage and minimize imperfections, while Vitamin E contains anti-aging properties that revitalize and protect skin from environmental harm. Grapeseed oil and shea butter nourish and moisturize skin, ensuring hands are silky soft.

Directions: Massage generously into hands and arms whenever skin feels dry and dehydrated.

Price: $39.00                  

Moisturizing Body Lotion (10 oz.) ATOPALM


Moisturizing Body Lotion (10 oz.) ATOPALM

All Skin Types, especially Dry, Sensitive Skin

Moisturizing Body Lotion is a lightweight, paraben-free body lotion formulated with ATOPALM’s patented MLE technology. The quick-absorbing formula perfectly moisturizes the skin by mimicking the body’s natural lipids, thereby replenishing lost hydration while protecting against future over-evaporation. In addition to moisturizing, this light body cream also soothes and comforts with allantoin while conditioning and protecting with antioxidant-rich vitamin E. This perfect combination leaves the entire body feeling soft and smooth, while enhancing radiance and comfort.

Directions: After shower or bath, smooth all over body. Use as often as necessary, paying special attention to those troublesome extra dry spots at elbows, knees and heels. Can also be used after shaving to help soothe skin irritation in sensitive areas and after sun to minimize skin tenderness.

Price: $30.00          

Moisturizing Hand Treatment (4 oz.) ATOPALM


Moisturizing Hand Treatment (4 oz.) ATOPALM

All Skin Types, especially Dry, Sensitive Skin

Moisturizing Hand Treatment is an advanced anti-aging treatment cream designed to diminish visible signs of aging while protecting against environmental damage. Because the hands are regularly exposed to the sun, harsh weather, chemicals, and more, they are often the first area of the body to give way to visible signs of aging. Moisturizing Hand Treatment works to combat common aging signs, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness, leaving the hands looking younger and more beautiful.

Moisturizing Hand Treatment is formulated with a rich blend of moisturizers, antioxidants, and protective ingredients, as well as ATOPALM’s patented MLE technology. With proper use, the hands will become softer, smoother, brighter, and suppler, all of which contribute to a more youthful appearance.

Directions: In the morning, at night, and after every hand washing, squeeze a liberal amount into palm. Gently massage into the back of hands and palms and each finger from the palm to the nail. Pay special attention to the very dry areas especially the cuticles. Use as often as necessary.

Price: $18.00          


Body Complex (6 oz.) iS Clinical

All Skin Types

Restorative, Smoothing, Hydrating

This rich, multi-purpose complex has been formulated specifically for the skin of the body to encourage cellular regeneration, smooth surface skin and reduce or eliminate dryness. Helps soothe contact dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Directions: Apply to clean, dry skin once a day.

Restrictions: US shipping only

Price: $62.00          

Firming Moisturizer (6.76 oz.) HydroPeptide


Firming Moisturizer (6.76 oz.) HydroPeptide

All Skin Types

This luxuriously hydrating yet non-greasy body moisturizer does it all, promoting supple, velvety, perfect skin. Peptides restore maximum moisture, hydration, and nourishment deep within the skin. Studies show an increase of Collagen I production by 102%. It also visibly minimizes skin imperfections including new and old stretch marks and scars within 8 weeks and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Studies show a 72% reduction of stretch marks on average. Great for eczema. Paraben free. Synthetic fragrance free. Cruelty free. Now with Acai berry.

• Instantly smoothes, corrects and hydrates rough, dry and flaky skin.
• Evens out skin discoloration and age spots.
• Restores a firm and healthy complexion.

Directions: Apply morning and/or night.

Price: $120.00