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Moisturizing Complex (1.75 oz.) iS Clinical

Normal to Dry Skin, Dehydrated Skin

Hydrating, Soothing, Protective

This rich, yet easily absorbed moisturizer was developed to hydrate, soothe, and protect against environmental damage. It creates an antioxidant-rich barrier that seals in moisture and insulates the skin from harmful external oxidative damage. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and smoothes and softens skin. Can be used on irritated or hypersensitive skin.

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Directions: Apply morning and/or night. Can be used alone or layered with other iS Clinical products.

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Price: $83.00          

Reparative Moisturizer (1.7 oz.) iS


Reparative Moisturizer (1.7 oz.) iS

All Skin Types

Restoring, Hydrating, Smoothing

STAFF FAVORITE! This intensive rejuvenating moisturizer is formulated with pharmaceutical-grade botanicals, peptides, and powerful antioxidants. Reparative Moisturizer is among the first generation of products featuring Extremozyme® protection, which has been clinically proven to help prevent DNA damage. This rich and luxurious hydrating complex helps keep your skin healthy, smooth, and protected.

• Smoothes, hydrates & repairs.
• Non-greasy, ultra rich cream.
• Great for sensitive skin.
• Helps prevent DNA damage with Extremozyme® technology.
• Firms & lifts skin with copper tripeptide growth factors & glycosaminoglycans.

Directions: Smooth on small amount evenly over entire face and neck morning and night.

Restrictions: US shipping only

Price: $78.00                      



Vitamin H Cream (1.94 oz.)  Karin Herzog

Normal to Dry Skin

This nourishing, non-oily, non-occlusive cream provides the skin with renewed elasticity, permeability and softness. Vitamin H (also known as Biotin and found in such foods as olive oil, nuts and various grains) helps restore suppleness to the skin. For superior results, it is combined with Vitamin B complex and beta carotene. Together, they protect the skin against environmental damage, prevent premature aging, and hydrate and nourish the skin. Your skin will emerge looking radiant and soft as silk. An excellent companion to Karin Herzog Vita-A-Kombi 1 Cream.

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Price: $63.00          


Revive Cream (1 oz.) DermaQuest Skin Therapy

Normal to Dry Skin

This nourishing cream leaves a silky, refined texture while penetrating deeply into the dermis to hydrate and stimulate collagen and elastin production. It promotes firmness, softness and elasticity, plumps and smoothes the skin. Advanced liposome technology repairs and prevents DNA damage from UV and environmental oxygen radicals.

Restrictions: US shipping only

Price: $65.00          


K-Q10 Rich Moisturizer (2 oz.) DermaQuest Skin Therapy

Normal to Dry Skin

This rich moisturizer restores the appearance of youthful suppleness and hydration. Formulated with peptides and powerful anti-aging ingredients it helps lift and firm the skin, fight free radical damage and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Drier skin types will enjoy the immediate and lasting moisturizing effect of this luxurious cream.

• Increases moisture retention, plumping and smoothing the skin.
• Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Plant growth hormones delay the onset of aging.
• Antioxidants scavenge free radicals and improve cellular functions.
• Dermox SRC and UGL Complex naturally exfoliate the skin and promote collagen production.

Directions: Apply morning and/or night to clean dry skin.

Restrictions: US shipping only

Price: $79.50                      

Power Lift - Anti-Wrinkle Ultra Rich Concentrate (1 oz.) HydroPeptide


Power Lift - Anti-Wrinkle Ultra Rich Concentrate (1 oz.) HydroPeptide

All Skin Types, especially Dry Skin

Lift away wrinkles for smoother looking skin

This age-defying, anti-wrinkle concentrate provides long-lasting moisture whenever you need it with 21 hydrating elements to keep skin healthy and younger-looking. It combines wrinkle-lifting peptides, healing organics and ultra-rich moisturizers into one simple amazing treatment. Wrinkles will be lifted away and skin will be softer, smoother and perfectly hydrated. Paraben free. Synthetic fragrance free. Cruelty free.

• Decreases stubborn forehead wrinkles up to 52% in just 28 days.
• Reduces fine lines by as much as 63% in just 30 days.
• Promotes regeneration by protecting skin from UV damage.
• Helps reduce age spots, lightens and brightens skin.
• Enables skin to retain its moisture.

• Skin looks radiant, firmer, healthy and glowing.

Directions: Apply twice a day on cleansed skin. Gently smooth over entire face and neck with upward massaging motions, being careful to avoid the eyelids and lips. Can be applied after HydroPeptide Serum and before makeup.

Price: $80.00                  

Creme De La Copper (1.7 oz.) Neova


Creme De La Copper (1.7 oz.) Neova

Normal to Dry Skin, Mature Skin

Intensly moisturizing formula

This intense treatment with copper peptide complex, ceramides, antioxidants and DNA repair mitosomes, deeply nourishes and revitalizes photo-damaged skin. It provides immediate relief to dry, aging skin.

Directions: Apply daily, after AM and PM cleansing, or as directed by your skin care professional.

Restrictions: US shipping only

Price: $110.00          


Day Therapy SPF30 (1.7 oz.) Neova

All Skin Types

This all-inclusive moisturizer nourishes with copper peptide complex and potent antioxidants, repairs with DNA repair photolysomes and defends against UVA/UVB damage. Skin will look more radiant and feel smoother and firmer.

Directions: Apply liberally to face and neck in the morning.

Restrictions: US shipping only

Price: $85.00          


Balancing Daily Moisturizer (1.69 oz.) Sophyto

All Skin Types

This devine moisturizer helps boost skin health and vitality from the daily stresses of life with asian ginseng, shizandra and astragalus. Exceptional high percentages of nurturing and restorative ancient herbs ease and correct the ravages of prolonged stress and compromised skin immunity. Free from artificial fragrance, colors, fillers and parabens.

Directions: Apply gently over cleansed skin as needed.

Price: $29.00          


Omega Daily Moisturizer (1.69 oz.) Sophyto

All Skin Types, especially Dry, Mature Skin

Ultra-hydrating, lightweight formula with ingredients that help reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin's elasticity. Optimum levels of nourishing fatty acids and deep hydrating agents maintain a supple, smoother looking complexion. Free from artificial fragrance, colors, fillers and parabens.

Directions: Apply gently over cleansed skin as needed.

Price: $45.00          


Amplifying Elixir (1.7 oz.) DDF

All Skin Types, Dehydrated Skin

An anti-aging treatment formulated to improve hydration and boost the effectiveness of other skincare products. This formula contains a potent blend of three botanical extracts, including banyan tree, lotus flower and red clover to improve hydration. Another ingredient, niacinimide, has been proven to strengthen skin's moisture barrier. Clinical studies have shown that this product strengthens skin's moisture barrier by up to 70%. Amplifying Elixir provides a radiance boost and is clinically proven to enhance skin's hydration.

Directions: Apply this exclusive treatment twice daily, morning and evening, after your cleansing routine.

Price: $70.00