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Perfectil Plus (56 tablets) Vitabiotics

Advanced nutrition for the skin

Perfectil Plus provides the original Perfectil formula for skin, hair and nails, plus the additional benefit of a Nutri-dermal capsule containing nutrients that promote skin health. Perfectil Plus nourishes and protects from the inside and provides essential micronutrients to support essential building blocks of your skin, hair and nails, thus maintaining their health and appearance.

Perfectil Plus dual pack contains 28 original Perfectil tablets, plus 28 Nutri-dermal capsules for extra skin care.

Each Nutri-dermal capsule contains:

• Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids to hydrate skin from inside out

• Lycopene and lutein to help protect skin from environmental damage

• Co-Q10 to help support healthy skin cell metabolism

Directions: Take one Perfectil tablet and one Nutri-dermal capsule daily with your main meal, or immediately thereafter, with a full glass of water or a cold drink. Perfectil Plus should only be taken on a full stomach. It is not recommended to take Perfectil Plus while pregnant or breast-feeding.

Regular Price: $32.95
Special Price: $28.95                        


Skinny Beach SPF15 Tinted (5.1 oz.) Rodial

All Skin Types

Get skinny under the sun

This revolutionary cream works to immediately firm, lift and tone the body thanks to its active ingredient, vegetable collagen. The caramel tinted formula will give your skin an instant golden bronze color. Great for the beach or anytime you want to show a little skin!

Skinny Beach also contains peptides that help to boost your natural tanning ability leaving you with a darker, richer, natural looking tan more quickly, while protecting skin against environmental damage. It will also make your tan last longer. Caffeine, carnitine complex and saccharide salt work together to rid the body of cellulite, reduce swelling and water retention and to improve the overall firmness of the skin. Make it your new BFF for the summer!

Regular Price: $49.00
Special Price: $43.00          


Crash Diet Smoothie (10 sachets) Rodial

Less than 70 calories per sachet & 70% of daily proteins!

Each Crash Diet Smoothie sachet contains a combination rich in proteins and antioxidants to sustain your energy and keep hunger at bay. This tasty banana and strawberry flavored protein shake contains less than 70 calories per serving and provides 70% of proteins, so you will feel fuller longer! Crash Diet Smoothie is adapted to a high protein and low calorie diet. Contains milk, soy.

Directions: For a healthy and balanced meal replacement mix one sachet of Crash Diet Smoothie with 200 ml of water, skim milk, soy milk or juice. Shake/stir until completely mixed. Take 1-2 sachets per day. This product is not intended to replace a healthy diet and exercise. Please stick to the recommended daily dose.

Hot Tip: For a delicious and healthy breakfast, try blending your Crash Diet Smoothie sachet with 200 ml skim or soy milk and 1 sliced banana. Bananas are a great source of potassium, Vitamin C, fiber and Vitamin B6, and this tasty combo is sure to keep you full and bursting with energy.

Regular Price: $60.00
Special Price: $52.00                  


Facial Spider Vein Formula (1 oz.) Bremenn Research Labs

Reduces the appearance of facial spider veins in as little as two weeks!

Facial Spider Vein Formula wth Venilex contains targeted ingredients that visibly reduce the appearance of facial spider veins in as little as two weeks. Venilex is a compound containing a powerful complex of five plant extracts rich in saponosides, flavonoids combined with a specialized yeast extract. Twice daily use of the Facial Spider Vein Formula for two weeks showed a 34.8% decrease in the intensity of red and purple discolorations and a 20.7% decrease in the number of visible facial spider veins. Facial Spider Vein Formula can also be used to reduce redness surrounding blemishes.

Facial spider veins appear as very fine, visible blood vessels with radiating branches. They have a blue-black, purple or reddish appearance and occur mostly on the nose, cheeks and chin. Facial spider veins can be caused by inherited weakness of the valves, damage from sun exposure, chronic allergies (pressure involved in sneezing), pregnancy and inflammatory skin problems such as rosacea. They typically increase with age.

Directions: Apply to the clean, dry skin of the affected areas of the face twice a day. Use sparingly and massage in a circular motion until fully absorbed.

Regular Price: $79.00
Special Price: $69.00                  


StriVectin Instant Moisture Repair (2 oz.) StriVectin

All Skin Types

StriVectin's breakthrough approach to clinical moisturization

Is your dry skin aging you? Instant Moisture Repair is supercharged moisture but with a surprisingly lightweight texture, so it absorbs instantly and penetrates layer by layer. It is not a traditional moisturizer. It is a clinically proven reparative formula to treat not only the symptoms of, but also the sources of dehydrated skin. Results are immediate and long term.

• IMMEDIATE RESULTS: Within the first hour, Instant Moisture Repair greatly restores moisture to the skin.
• LONG TERM RESULTS: With regular use, the moisture protein complex helps stimulate collagen and elastin to regenerate skin's natural moisture cushion.

Directions: Apply StriVectin Instant Moisture Repair to clean, dry skin twice a day.

Regular Price: $59.00
Special Price: $50.00                  


StriVectin-SH Age Protect SPF30/PA+++ (2 oz.) StriVectin

All Skin Types

A ground-breaking SPF30 "age protect" with PA+++ rating* and technology born out of skin cancer prevention research. This sunscreen prevents and repairs sun and aging damage. It contains the highest grade of UVA aging rays plus UVB burning rays protection. Reparative NIA-114 and antioxidants rebuild the skin's protective layer and unwind sun and aging damage already done. Instantly absorbs into skin with a soft, matte finish.

*PA measures the level of UVA (aging rays) protection. It ranges from + to +++, with +++ being the most powerful.

Directions: Apply a dime size amount of this ultra lightweight fluid to face and neck in the AM over your daily moisturizer. Reapply as needed.

Regular Price: $49.00
Special Price: $42.00                  


StriVectin-SH Dermal Infusion Mask (4 oz.) StriVectin

All Skin Types

Instantly more refreshed & radiant skin

This intensive restorative anti-aging mask instantly nourishes and firms skin, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also replenishes nutrients, like ceramides, to help restore natural oils. A powerful antioxidant complex helps protect skin against environmental damage. Reparative NIA-114 helps skin better retain natural moisture. Tired skin is instantly revitalized and with continued use, you'll see even greater radiance.

Directions: Apply a liberal layer evenly to cleansed skin. Leave on 5-10 minutes. Tissue off or rinse with warm water. Follow with daily skin routine. Deep Infusion Method: Apply a liberal layer evenly to cleansed skin. Cover your face with warm wet cloth and relax for 15 minutes. Tissue off or rinse with warm water.

Regular Price: $69.00
Special Price: $59.00                  

Feed Your Face Dr. Jessica Wu

Younger, Smoother Skin and a Beautiful Body in 28 Delicious Days

Find out how easy it is to get amazing skin and a better body in 28 days, all while eating delicious food. You'll get the scoop on face-friendly snacks, what to order at your favorite restaurant, and you'll even get a peek at celebrity food diaries so you can see what the stars are really eating when they're making a movie or filming a TV show.

Regular Price: $26.99
Special Price: $15.99