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How do you treat broken capillaries?

Broken capillaries are tiny, dilated blood vessels that are visible through the skin. They become more common as we age and our skin becomes thinner and more fragile. Several factors can contribute and/or hasten their formation.

Fair-skinned people are generally more prone to broken capillaries. People with certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or lupus, appear to be more susceptible to their formation. In addition to these indicators, there are certain environmental and behavioral factors that can contribute to the formation of broken capillaries. These include: temperature extremes, frequent nose-blowing, abrasive exfoliating products (such as apricot-kernel scrubs) and excessive sun exposure - wear a broad spectrum sunscreen daily. Alcoholic beverages, as well as hot and spicy foods, have also been known to aggravate broken capillaries.

Once they form, broken capillaries will not disappear on their own. However, they can be successfully removed using a diode laser. This treatment, performed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, costs between $300.00 and $350.00. The procedure is virtually painless, typically does not require downtime, and rarely requires more than one treatment. It should be known that broken capillaries may reappear after a few years, requiring this treatment to be repeated.