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NuFace Device

NuFace Device:

• Lifts and firms your face
• Minimizes lines and wrinkles
• Increases the production of collagen

How does the NuFace device work?

The NuFace device delivers gentle, low-level electrical microcurrent impulses to literally reprogram muscles to their original shape. These gentle electrical impulses help lift and firm the face, lessen the look of lines and wrinkles, and recondition facial muscles for a more youthful appearance. NuFace microcurrent also increases cellular blood flow, leading to increased production of three key elements of youthful skin: collagen, elastin and connective tissue. It's easy to use, painless and non-invasive.

The NuFace device lifts, tones and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 5 minutes a day. Results are cumulative, so the more you use NuFace, the better your results.

The NuFace Kit includes the following:

• NuFace Device
• Derma-Gel (8.5 oz.) - apply pre-treatment
• Optimizing Mist (8 oz.) - use post treatment
• 9-volt alkaline battery
• Instructional DVD
• User Manual and Package Insert

The NuFace Device comes with a one year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

Directions: Please consult product packaging for instructions prior to use. NuFace should not be used by those who are pregnant, are subject to seizures, or have a cardiac pacemaker. The user assumes all responsibility for the application of this treatment and the use of NuFace.

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