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Under-eye Puffiness

The main cause of under-eye puffiness is fluid trapped in the fat pockets under the eyes. This is usually caused by too much salt or alcohol in your diet. It’s also a dead giveaway of a late night out. Another factor that may cause puffy eyes is lack of sleep, which inhibits blood flow around the eyes causing swelling. Yet another cause of under-eye puffiness is loss of volume. Our cheeks hollow as we get older, so the pockets of fat under the eyes appear more prominent.

So what can you do to help?

Common sense is usually the best medicine. Don’t stay out late.
Watch your alcohol consumption. Avoid salty foods. There are also a few quick fixes to improve or minimize under-eye puffiness. Eye creams containing caffeine help draw out fluid that collects under the eyes, reducing puffiness. Try Revaleskin Replenishing Eye Therapy. Firming eye creams help tighten the tissue around the fatty pockets making under-eye puffiness less noticeable. Try Relastin Eye Silk. If these tips fail to do the trick, you may also consider Thermage, a radio-wave treatment offered at many dermatologist offices. It can help tighten the tissue around the fatty pockets making it look smoother and less puffy. Contact your dermatologist for more information.