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iS Skin Care

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Innovative Skincare has earned a reputation as one of the world’s most prestigious cosmeceutical companies through the creation of its revolutionary iS Clinical brand. Utilizing an international team of experts for research and development, they’ve succeeded in combining traditional botanical medicine with the most advanced technological formulations to create another highly effective brand of skin care products for people of all ages and skin types. Their dedication is to bring clinically-validated skincare to people everywhere that safely and rapidly delivers dramatic results in four easy steps.

Create Incredible Skin in Four Easy Steps

By selecting products from each of these four categories, you can create a complete regime that safely and rapidly produces dramatic improvements in your skin.

What do we think of the products? iS products are very user friendly. Packaged in velvety smooth boxes and containers, the products are the extension of the packaging with the same smooth feel to the touch the box they’re in is. And the best part is, your skin will feel equally soft, smooth and velvety to the touch with a perfect level of hydration, but no greasiness. iS brand of skin care is among the first generation of products featuring Extremozyme® protection, which has been clinically proven to help prevent DNA damage. Their standout sun protection products loaded with antioxidants and hydrators, combine a moisturizer, an anti-aging product and a sunscreen in one.

This brand is excellent for beginners who have never used any clinical skin care products, or for those whose skin is changing due to age, hormones and the more potent, clinical products are too drying and/or irritating.

We are certain your skin will fall in love with these products.


Age Treatment Complex Instant Smoothing Gel Extreme Protect SPF30
Age Treatment Complex Instant Smoothing Gel Extreme Protect SPF30

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