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PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser
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PaloVia™ Skin Renewing Laser™   As seen on The Doctors

The first FDA-cleared at-home laser clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes!

In the past, comparable treatments were only available in a doctor's office. Now, you can use this same technology at home. Unlike lotions and creams, which are most effective on the skin's outer layer, the PaloVia Skin Renewing Laser also works below the surface where wrinkles form. The results are natural-looking, but dramatic. Clinical studies have shown that with just 3-4 minutes a day for one month, you can reduce eye wrinkles and reverse the signs of aging. Ongoing occasional treatments help you maintain your youthful appearance on your own time, without costly follow-up appointments.

Directions: Cleanse the skin around your eyes and make sure it is completely dry. Apply a thin layer of PaloVia Pre-Treatment Gel around both eyes. Starting with the area beside your eye, treat each wrinkle with a series of 3-second "application stamps." The first application stamp should be at the start of the wrinkle nearest to the eye. In general, you will use 6-8 applications around each eye. After treatment, you can continue to use your regular skincare and cosmetic products. Daily use of a sunscreen is also recommended. View a treatment session.

Palovia - Eye Wrinkle Reduction Over Time

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