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What to use on darker skin tones to help even out pigmentation?

M2 Skin Care for smoother, more even skin

Those of us with darker, uneven skin tone no longer need to hide their skin. M2 Skin Care combines two alpha hydroxy acids, mandelic and malic acid, known for their non-irritating nature and superb results, especially on olive and darker skin tones. Unlike other AHAs, mandelic and malic acids have a slightly larger molecular structure, which results in slower, more even penetration and less irritation. This allows people who are normally unable to tolerate high concentrations of AHAs, Retin-A or lightening agents, such as hydroquinone, to see results in as quick as 4 weeks with no redness and minimal or no irritation.


The best part about M2 Skin Care routine is that it is very simple and affordable. The brand consists of only three products designed to work synergistically to help you achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time. The products last approximately 3 months and the combined cost is far less than what you would spend on cover-up makeup. And with balanced, healthy looking skin, you won’t have much to cover up anyway!

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