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The benefits of Vitamin D
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The benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential for maintaining normal calcium metabolism resulting in strong, healthy bones. Vitamin D is also necessary for the formation of strong nails and plays a vital role in new cell growth. Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin through sun exposure, but with the increase in skin cancers and sun avoidance, there is a growing concern that we may be becoming Vitamin D deficient. To complicate matters, as we get older, our skin loses about 75 percent of its ability to produce Vitamin D. You can get your levels of Vitamin D checked by the doctor and if you are Vitamin D deficient, it’s essential you get it though diet or take it as a supplement.

The Vitamin D diet

Fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon and sardines are rich in Vitamin D and studies have shown that wild breeds, like salmon, have higher levels of Vitamin D than those that are farm raised. Fish liver oils and select varieties of mushrooms, such as button and shiitake mushrooms, are also loaded with Vitamin D due to the fact that these varieties of mushrooms are exposed to high amounts of sunlight. Dairy products, especially those made with cow’s milk, as well as cereals fortified with Vitamin D, are also a good source. While there is no way to increase your body’s production of Vitamin D, making these foods a part of your diet ensures that you maintain healthy levels of this important vitamin.

New ways to get your dose of Vitamin D

Now you can also get Vitamin D topically by using certain skincare products that contain Active Vitamin D. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare recently introduced several products containing Active Vitamin D, such as Age Erase Moisture for Face, Age Erase Moisture for Eyes, Alpha Beta Glow Pad and Active Vitamin D Serum-Oil. However, as noted by Dr. Gross himself, topically using a product with Vitamin D only delivers the vitamin to the area where you apply it, so it won’t be as effective as taking a supplement, but will be a great addition.