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Sophyto Organic Skincare

Sophyto certified organic skincare formulas contain the highest levels of organic ingredients, averaging 95%+. They are free from petrochemicals and processed nutrients. Plus, unlike most organic skin care products on the market, which are oil based, Sophyto products are water based, making them better for the skin. Each Sophyto product contains hundreds of complex vitamins, minerals and plant chemicals that have been scientifically proven to be more potent and more effective than just one element. A certified organic delivery system transports absorbable and non-toxic multi-vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals for comprehensive anti aging benefits, while a unique food grade preservative system ensures the formulas are pure and long-lasting.

Every ingredient is screened to ensure it offers no health, or environmental implications. Sophyto products do not use petrochemicals, triclosan, hydrogenated fats, mineral oils, hexane and similar solvents, non-organic or synthetic fragrances and colors, polysorbates, ethanolamides, alkyl sulphates and alkyl ethyl sulphates. All of Sophyto products are certified and licensed for Organic Health & Beauty Care standards. See and feel the difference and change the way you live.

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