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N-Lite Laser: The Answer to Wrinkles?

Imagine an anti-wrinkle laser procedure that results in no pain, no downtime and requires no anesthesia. Sound too good to be true? Well, the N-Lite laser, recently approved by the FDA, promises to do just that. In fact, it has the ability to treat the entire face in a matter of minutes without damaging the skin, allowing the patient to return to normal daily activities right away.

The N-Lite laser works by stimulating collagen production in the skin, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance. Unlike the CO2 laser, another popular anti-wrinkle laser procedure, it causes no pain, redness or peeling. According to its developer, the effects of N-Lite Laser treatment require approximately 90 days to fully manifest themselves, but a diminishing of wrinkles can be visibly appreciated as soon as 30 days after treatment. Some physicians believe that the N-Lite Laser may ultimately replace collagen injections and certain chemical peels. So what's the downside, you ask? Well, the N-Lite Laser does not work equally well on every skin tone. Darker and/or olive skin tones have a tendency to absorb light generated by the laser, potentially causing irregularities in pigmentation, and deeper wrinkles remain unaffected.