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Q: Can the human growth hormone (hGH) be safely used as an anti-aging treatment?

Until recently, hGH, also called somatropin, was mainly used in the treatment of bone deficiency problems in children. Recently, researchers have found that this hormone is also effective in reversing the distribution of fat deposits in the body and in stimulating muscle growth. Today, an increasing number people are turning to their physicians for a prescription of hGH (at a monthly cost averaging $500).

So is hGH the “fountain of youth” many believe it to be? is it safe? Several of studies are presently being conducted to answer these questions and determine proper dosages. Unfortunately, the results may not be available for a few years. Among the side effects known to be potentially linked to hGH are certain cancers, joint pain, and fluid retention. Most experts advise against using hGH until more studies have been completed. We strongly agree. If you want to start looking younger now, we recommend that you stick to proven anti-aging products and that you sweat off the pounds the traditional way. In the gym.

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