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Rave Reviews
We don't mean to brag (well, okay, maybe just a little bit) but we just couldn't resist sharing some of the glowing feeback we've received from our customers. Opinions such as these are instrumental in reminding us of what we're all about: great products, great advice, great service. Do you have something to contribute? If so, click here.

I am writing to thank the customer service team at Skinterra. I ordered a cream and my post office did not deliver the package to me but sent it back to Skinterra in error. This issue was in no way the fault of Skinterra. I emailed Skinterra on a weekend and within 10 minutes received a response. Not only did I receive the package the following Monday (incredible!), but in addition I received a phone call from Kathleen. She was making sure I had actually received my order. Your customer service team is wonderful, astounding, and I will recommend you to all my friends and will most certainly buy from you again, and again in the future. I want to extend my sincerest gratitude for the great job all of you do. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! --Jennifer

I have to say that you have amazing service and the shipment arrived so fast!!! I separated to several orders and they were able to arrive in the same package and you still put enough samples for me; that was so great!! Great service and I will recommand to all my friends!! --Cindy

I wanted to thank you for you recommendations. I have been using the Cor Soap and the M2 Skin Refinish for 6 months. I am 43 years old and this is the first time in my life I have no acne! Even the cystic acne is gone! The hyperpigmentation is definitely fading! My pores are smaller! Just wanted to say thanks for providing the skin care analysis feature on your site! I am a customer for life! --Cathy

From the first time I have ordered from your site I have been impressed with your customer service and this last purchase really proves you care about your repeat customers. I think this last purchase for just NIA24 skin cream was my smallest purchase and you really outdid yourself. I should have gotten a sample of the $20 sunscreen, but told you to keep it as I and my husband would not use it and have kept my friends well supplied with samples we don't use. Your staff sent me the $35 sample of the Intensive Recovery Complex which I do purchase. I honestly didn't pay attention to the fact I asked for a more expensive sample on a small purchase, plus I got samples of 2 other NIA24 products from you. When I opened the box I commented to my husband that I was greedy and had to write you. I also would like to thank you for your fast free shipping. I'm glad I found your site as your purchases always come on time and with samples. --Caryn

I just wanted to say thanks for the great customer service. I've bought two Clarisonics from you now, and both times the service has been great. Plus I wanted to say an extra big thanks for the $50 gift certificate I received with my latest package!!! :D Amazing! --Alana

I never do this, but I received my first order from you this week and I had to send you a rave. Here's what I loved:
You had exactly what I wanted (an item that's always sold out at my local Sephora).
You gave me a discount (which Sephora rarely ever does).
You shipped it incredibly fast! I ordered on Friday, it arrived the next Monday!! When I order from Sephora, it takes several days just for them to process my order, then UPS is so slow it takes another week for delivery.
You sent me a full-size free gift, AND samples that were related to what I ordered!
You sent me a coupon for my next order!
I think I love you guys and I'll definitely be shopping with you again. --Susan

I just got another order from your website and just want to thank you. Your package arrived within 2 days of placing the order on the computer. I'm also impressed how the order is packed so nice, can't say the same for most websites. The best part is how generous you are with samples. Not only do you ask what we might want, you also suggest samples. I even showed my husband how well packed the samples were! His only concern was how much did that cost, assuming only NM ships that way, it was great to say 20% off. I don't know how I found you but I'm glad I did. --Caryn

I just received my goodies, and I'm so so pleased. First, I was so excited to see that the Agera Recovery Cream is now paraben-free! :) I have now found my HG moisturizer... THANK YOU!! And all the wonderful samples and free gifts are so wonderful. Thank you so much, and I will definitely be shopping with you again and again and again! Super quick shipping too... Couldn't be happier! --Maggie

Outstanding service!!! I placed the order for NIA24 on Friday (NZ time) and it arrived at my doorstep Monday morning. Meanwhile I received confirmation it is processed and another confirmation that it is shipped! No hassle, minimal waiting time. Unbelievable!!!! Even faster than any of the local online stores! Skinterra is the number one online store I like to deal with. On top of this, you also give wonderful skin care recommendations and advice and introduce the wonderful iS Clinical product. Sadly though no iS Clinical products can be shipped outside U.S. so an alternative skin care products were suggested. Thank you. --Chloe

I cannot compliment Skinterra enough. First of all the customer service is outstanding. I ordered my products on Wednesday and they were at my door on Saturday!!!! Unbelievable!!! Not to mention that I received priority shipping, 3 samples, and a large sample of the Ole Henriksen enzyme mask all for free!!!! On top of all that, I also received 15% discount on my Ole Henriksen purchase. Thank you so much for being such a fantastic company. I will be doing all of my future beauty purchases from you. Bye bye Sephora! --Kathy

I just received my Skinterra order today. Your customer service is order came quickly and the presentation was great! Thanks for the samples, too! --Carol

I wanted to say thanks so much for the quick shipping! This is my second order with you and I am very happy with my orders and your consistent customer service. I am so happy to have found Skinterra! --Brigette

I am very impressed with your service & accessability. I had access to analysis and information which was most helpful. Tammy was terrific (lots of good service) as was everyone I spoke to or corresponded with. --Jeri

I recently ordered the Clarisonic Mia from Skinterra and wanted to say that I love the product and the customer service was wonderful. I will definitely order from this site again and appreciate the very polite and helpful customer service I received and the quality products. Thank you! --Jessi

I wanted to compliment you on your EXCELLENT customer service. Every time I order from you I always get an immediate receipt and shipping info. Your products are always shipped quickly and I love the free samples. I have been ordering from your web site for a few years and will continue to do so. I really appreciate your efforts! It makes a big difference. --Julianne

Hello Skinterra customer service, I got my order today. I have to say your service is outstanding. I'm so pleased - thank you sooooo much. You're great. --Claudia

Just a quick note to say what a brilliant and fast service you provide!! I ordered some products and true to your word I received them this morning!! And I live in Sweden!! Five days; I'm impressed! I shall order again from your company! --Derek

I just had to write and tell you how very pleased I am with skinterra! I'm a beauty/skincare junkie, and I've never found a store that I'm so satisfied with. Your shipping is so fast compared to others, and I do appreciate that. What would I like to see as far as other products are concerned? Well, makeup would be wonderful. Make up forever and Urban Decay in particular. Also GHD products for the hair. BUT, I'm so satisfied with the offerings you have. I have used StriVectin products for years and love the line, but am adding Ole Henriksen soon. I will be buying from you. I've found everything I currently use by receiving samples of the products that came along with purchases. (Most were from Sephora) So good samples definitely do work! And I'm always looking for a discount to justify ordering online rather than purchasing products in the store. So thank you for the discounts too. Anyway, THANK YOU! Keep up the great work. You guys are awesome! --Debbie

I cannot live without my IS Clinical products now, and I only buy from Skinterra. Your website is easy to use and your quick turn around time is great. Plus, I love the samples in every order. I commend you on your super customer service! --Lisa

I want to thank you for your speedy delivery of my skin products. I really appreciate your quick service and the fact that you offer free shipping on orders over 50$. You are my favorite online skincare sales company! --Maria

I recently ordered a product from you that was defective. When I called, the person on the phone was very helpful and immediately apologized. She told me exactly what to do and how to ship the product back. You then sent the new product out to me right away, along with free samples, and a check to reimburse me for the shipping. I really appreciate such service, especially these days when it seems hard to find. I wanted to thank you and let you know that I am a happy customer. --Manjari

I just wanted to say thank you for the great service. I ordered some Dr. Wu from you for the first time. I got 10% off and it arrived within days! What a great idea to provide excellent customer service! And I got free samples. All of this because the store I usually buy Dr. Wu from usually closes a half hour before their posted closing time without notice. Thank you again. I'll be looking at what else you carry because it's so easy and efficient. --Jan

I just received my first order from your site and wanted to let you know how pleased and impressed I am with your company. My products arrived in 2!!! days along with the samples I had requested. Finally a site that sends me samples I am genuinely interested in and can use! I am loving the products and will be back. --DJ

I just want to say wow you are efficient, and thank you for the Jessica Wu sunscreen and the exact samples I wanted. The order was processed quickly and delivered in good time, effortlessly, so thank you.  Not all companies are as efficient as you and it is great to deal with a helpful professional company. --Joanna

Thanks so much for such fast shipping of my Talika items. I placed my order on Friday and recieved my package on Monday! Also, I am so happy with my Talika products. I love everything I ordered. --Sandy

I ordered the iS Clinical Active Serum. I am very impressed with your promotional discounts, samples included in my shipment, and speedy shipping. Thank you very much! --Tracy

I just wanted to take a moment to say that I've placed several orders thru Skinterra and your service has been excellent. I can't believe how quickly I receive my orders. I wanted to comment on "Tan Towels". I ordered "Tan Towels" a week or so ago and received them. All I can say is that this is one product that delivers. There is absolutely no streaking, my elbows/feet don't look "stained" and the color is definitely natural looking, not orange!! I'm sure I will become addicted to these towels thru the spring/summer. Thanks for making them available. My dilema now is trying to decide if I'll tell my friends about them. I'm sure I will, but I might let them envy my tanned feet for a while before I fess up ; ) Anyway, thanks for the great service and products. --Laura

Just wanted to put my two cents in here as well...Since visiting your site a few weeks ago, I have been very impressed with your skin care knowledge and your advise on is Clinical.....Your skin analysis was dead on and the entire line of is Clinical is just what I needed. These products are great and so is your service and quick delivery turnaround. I have also sent a letter to is thanking them for supporting your company as an authorized e-tailer. I look forward to doing business in the future with Skinterra. --Craig

I want to thank you for incredible service as well as amazing skin care products. I am on the East coast and expected the shipping turnaround time to be at least 4 days. I had my new is Clinical products in 2 days! This is my first time using is Clinical, I use a (very expensive) product from Switzerland that I really didn't think any other product could compete with - let alone surpass. I could see a difference in just one application. I only ordered the Active Serum but I will order the entire line by months' end. Thank you for your free analysis too! --Barbara

I want to thank you for your wonderful service. When I received your products this past Saturday, I was somewhat hesitant to use them because I didn't want my face to breakout even more with some new chemicals that I might be allergic to. Let me tell you that since Sunday I have noticed a dramatic improvement in the texture, tone, and response of my facial skin. It is actually beaming with health! The blemishes are all but gone with no new ones forming! The amount of oil secretion has lessened and my skin feels renewed and not at all troubled. Something is actually working for my troubled skin!!!! Thank you again and may God bless you and all the others who work at Skinterra. --Denise

I just recently ordered some MD Skincare products from you and was delighted with the fast service I received. I ordered the first time on-line but the second time I ordered, I ordered by phone. Your customer service is very helpful and professional. When I ordered by phone, I received my shipment within 48 hours which was fantastic! Keep up the good work and I am sure I will remain a customer. Thanks again. --Cheryl

Hi everyone at Skinterra: My shipment arrived today (here in Australia) and nothing was damaged. I am delighted with the products and I would like to thank you for your fast and efficient service. Should I need further products, I would certainly not hesitate to use you again. Kind regards. --Jutta

Dear Skinterra: I just received my iS Clinical products. The shipment was perfect and delivered quickly. Your recommendations based on the skin analysis I completed on the website and the additional recommendations I received from the staff is priceless! The products, even after one application, made my skin feel unbelievable. I have been a customer of Skinterra for approximately 3 years-and I have never been disappointed with the recommendations, products, and customer service. The prompt shipment and samples keep me coming back for more! Thank you again for the latest order and recommendations for use! --Connie

I just wanted to say a big amazing thank-you. I live in Australia and placed my order on Tuesday and received my parcel the following Tuesday - WOW!! - 5 working days and I am overseas. Not only is your service UNREAL, you are by far cheaper than any other Australian site - even after adding the hefty exchange rate and postage! I could not recommend Skinterra highly enough, and look forward to expanding my collection of my newfound skincare (Ole Henriksen). --Donna

I greatly enjoyed the speedy service and friendly customer assistance at Skinterra. My package arrived in 3 days and even included some product samples! Thanks for a great experience Skinterra.--Bozena

I am very impressed with your website. It is visually pleasing and very user friendly. I was able to quickly find answers to all my skincare questions. In addition, your products are very reasonably priced which is a plus! --Michelle

Fast service. By far the best skin care products I have ever used. --Wendy

At last--some advice and products that are really addressing my needs. After taking your advice--and using the Lerosett Mask and the Herzog product, my skin looks so much better. The Identiti products are great also. I believe that at long last -- I have found a regimen that works. Many thanks. --Olivia

Thank you very much for your excellent service! I appreciate that and all the samples you sent. It is a pleasure buying products from you. --Kim

This is the first time I've ever written a site, just to say thank you! You've done a great job, the site is easy to view, it has great information and products. Thanks again. --Courtney

I wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I like your website. It is informative and set up so nicely. I learn so much about skin care every time I visit. The quality of your products and your service is more than great. I have ordered products from you in the past and will continue to do so. Once again thank you for your service and professionalism. I have been happy with everything I have purchased. --Marianne

LOVE the products I am using - my skin has never looked or felt better. I can see a long term relationship with Skinterra. Thanks again! --Wendy

I am very impressed with your customer service and the speedy arrival of my order. I look forward to doing business with Skinterra again. --Mary

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with my shopping experience at I was impressed with the site's set up and it's ease to navigate, as well as the particular brands and products you have available. Most of all I was impressed with the ability to access and read the ingredients of each and every product and learn how each product works to deliver it's benefits to the skin - a must for me before I make any purchase. Today my order came within three business days of ordering and I found that I was sent not only my ordered items but also some wonderful samples to try! Overall, an excellent experience and one that will certainly move me to buy from you again. --Shannon