Press Release

Launched in the fall of 1999, (formerly known as has quickly emerged as a leading resource for skin care on the web by offering its visitors a wealth of information about skin care, along with an outstanding selection of high-end products typically found only in the top skin care clinics and spas.

Our methodology, which we apply to every aspect of our site -- content, design, customer service -- is based upon a personal approach to skin care. The way we see it, we are not just another beauty site. We are your beauty site. We offer our customers a variety of resources to assist them in their product purchasing decisions. Our Skin Analysis questionnaire is the next best thing to a clinical evaluation of your skin. Monthly specials, product samples, special product features and free shipping further enhance the shopping experience.

But Skinterra is about more than selling. Our Beauty News pages provide timely information on the latest trends in treatments and products available today. We encourage our visitors to learn as much as they can about their skin and to make educated buying decisions.

At Skinterra, skin care isn't merely a business; it's a passion. We love what we do, and we love to help our customers look and feel their absolute best. For us, there is no better measurement of our success than the number of appreciative e-mails we receive from those we have helped achieve healthier skin.